Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission – Level 18 Refit

The Department of the Registrar, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission - Awarded the contract to undertake the AV design and fit out of the Commissions refit of level 18. The contract involved 4 new hearing room, 4 conference rooms and new AV technologies including AVB, Tesira and full conferencing integration.


Client Snapshot


Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission - Level 18 Refit

The Department of the Registrar, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission is a public sector Department. The Department is accountable to the State Government to ensure ethical and transparent decisions are made in performing the primary function of providing support to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission as an independent statutory tribunal under the Industrial Relations Act 1979.

Redfish Technologies was engaged to undertake the consultancy, design project management and installation of level 18 hearing and conference rooms with a comprehensive audio visual and recording solution.  Specific outcomes were communicated by the commission to ensure the following brief was undertaken:
  • Ensure the Commission had a solution that had future proofing built in
  • Meet a strict budget for the refit.
  • Use innovative new technologies and systems to reduce system administration
  • Designs four hearing rooms and 4 conference rooms to meet the commission AV requirements
  • Implement CCTV systems across the floor
  • Move to a centralised recording and monitoring set-up
  • Design the solution such that the Commission can support independent external hearings by hiring rooms to those bodies
  • Create a systems that meets a modern standard for a hearing and courtroom
  • Put in place hearing rooms with high grade audio systems and reduce cabling infrastructure
  • Ensure a evidence presentation systems is put in place that supports electronic evidence, video conferencing and document management
  • Integrate teleconferencing and video conferencing into all hearing rooms and conference rooms
  • Maintain the existing Video follow Audio solution for the court recoding system.



Redfish Technologies adopted a number of new technologies for the Commission level 18 refit.  Specifically we used new technologies that would enable a reduction in cabling, use high class audio designs and new methods of court operation:

Audio system - new technologies

  • Introduction of Biamp Tesira - 2 x Servers, 24 x ExMod, 4 x ExLogic and 4 x TEC1.  At the time the first AVB centralised audio systems to be fitted into Western Australia
  • AVB networked audio

Vision - new technologies 

  • Centralised "Video follow Audio" controlled from the Biamp Tesira system
  • Door viewers were changed to have electronic screen with cameras in the hearing and conference rooms

Control - new technologies 

  • Crestron XPanel control via Dell Microsoft Windows tablets using innovate process such as background music when room is in recess
  • Bench muting with background noise generation across all rooms, for private bench conversations

Conference rooms - new technologies 

  • Use of the Revolabs FLX VoIP teleconference units, to also provide audio/vison for video conferencing and remote recording via Biamp Tesira

Our Solution


The WAIRC Level 18 was a large refit of the audio visual solution.  The mandate was clear for the outset that the Commission wanted updated hearing and conference rooms that were technologically superior with audio visual system, but not at significant costs.

The foundation of the Redfish solution was the incorporation of the Biamp Tesira platform, which allowed a much more flexible approach to managing all the audio from all the rooms but without the extra costs associated with a dedicated DSP mixer for each room.  The inclusion and use of AVB also meant that future proofing was enabled with the ability to move to AVB input for the court recording systems within the next couple of years.  

The evidential presentation systems was simplified to allow just one input location on the associate desk, upscaling all inputs at that location to 1080p for all the screens in the room. All screens are zones the same, but the systems have the flexibility to go to multizone into the future or when demand requires it.  All screens are services by CAT6 STP using Kramer senders and receivers.

Other areas were the including of teleconferencing and video conferencing in all rooms.   All hearing rooms have enabled acoustic echo cancellation.   Control of all the systems is via a Crestron xPanel with a simplified programmed screen for each hearing room.  Innovation such as commissioner alerts, background music when in recess and bench muting with background white noise are all controlled from this system.

One of the biggest changes from the old configuration was the change to centralised monitoring and recording. This is maintained using the previous FTR systems. The hearing rooms all recording 4 channel audio but also include video recording into the FTR system. One of the key areas of change however was the change to a centralise Video follow Audio systems, using the Tesira systems with ExLogic boxes.  Each hearing room has three cameras focused at the bench, with ness and bar tables, and these switch on active audio at those locations. If the video conference far end is active, it switches to that location as well for the recording.  Monitoring is conducted with the live switching video presented to screens for the monitor as well as the recording software.

Other areas of improvement were the inclusion of web streaming slots for each hearing room, such that any of the hearing rooms can quickly start to web stream the audio and switching video.  Hearing loops that conform to AS1428.5. Conference rooms with audio and visual systems including the ability to perform on demand recording.  Electronic door viewer for all rooms for Commissioners access form the secure corridor.

All hearing rooms were tested and tuned to reach a certified Class A or Class A+ STI measurement

The level 18 refit was completed and commissioned on 1st December 2013. the systems went live on 1st Jan 2014.

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Redfish Technologies has provided specialist recording and audio visual support to the WAIRC and Department of the Registrar for the last 5 years.

Stuart Herring, Managing Director of Redfish was the principal consultant in the development and implementation of the design of the Hearing and Conference Room refurbishment of the WAIRC.

The system is designed to accommodate specialised independent Hearings or Inquiries across multiple jurisdictions. Each Hearing room and conference room is designed and equipped to incorporate future expansion and development and utilising the latest audio and visual technology available on the market.

WAIRC is able to provide to the Western Australian public a full integrated e-court environment that will service the communities needs into the next decade.

Redfish did a fantastic job through the project and were able to save the commission considerable saving by ensuring the overall refit met the refit requirements.

Susan Bastian | CEO of WAIRC

The Commission was very pleased with the Redfish installation and looked forward to using it. The integration of having Video and Tele-conferencing as standard in all the hearing and conference rooms will allow us to operate much more efficiently. The same can be said the the inclusion of the full electronic evidence presentations which has a control system which allows the Associate to control audio and visual systems from in the hearing room.

The upgrade to the digital recording of hearings includes enhanced camera switching to the person speaking will assist the commissioners. The abilty to have the capability to be web streamed on demand will also future proof us.

Speech intelligibility has also been increased with the voice lift across all the room making our abilty to hear everyone is a wonderful improvement on our original rooms.

The systems installed by Redfish mean that all hearing rooms can be managed remotely, monitored remotely and recorded and are designed to be future-proofed towards advances in technology over the next 5 to 10 years holds the commission in good hand for the future.

Chief Commissioner Tony Beech | Chief Commissioner

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