Town of East Fremantle – Chamber

Awarded the contract to upgrade the Town of East Fremantle council chamber and committee rooms with a new visual display systems.

Client Snapshot


City of South Perth - Chamber Upgrade

The Town of East Fremantle is a local government area in the southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth, located immediately northeast of the port city of Fremantle and about 17 Km from Perth CBD

The Town of East Fremantle awarded the desgin and construction of the new council chamber visual systems to Redfish Technologies.  Implemented with multiple small HD 15" screen and a public gallery screen on a cart the solution has proven to be simple and reliable for the Town council meetings
The vision systems is based upon Kramer vision distribution systems over IP. Inputs coming from one PC or a Kramer collaboration device, via a switcher/scaler.  the outputs via distribution systems to a Samsung 74" screens located on a cart and 15 smaller 15" Lilliput HD screens located on the desks for the councilors and executive staff.


  • Samsung 74" HD Screens
  • Lilliput 15" HD Screens
  • Kramer Vision Distribution
  • Kramer Collaboration Unit

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