Tender Services

Redfish Technologies understand government process and procurement.  We have a great deal of experience in reading, responding and even writing government tenders/bids.   We provide a dedicated service, in our areas of expertise, to produce technical documentation for tender and bid creations and responses.

Specific areas that we can help with technical writing are:

  • Court reporting and transcription tenders
  • Audio visual solutions tenders
  • Digital recording system
  • Interview recorders
  • Discussion systems
  • Archive management

We specialise in providing high quality informative technical and flow diagrams that provide a visual commentary on how a system will operate and function. These are provided in a clear and precise diagrams with accurate documentation to explain the system design and its operations.

One of the greatest difficulties in any response is to ensure you have a differential in what is being said.  Often a technical response is provided by the manufactures to all responding parties which mitigates any response as they are all the same.  Redfish work with just one client per response to ensure that your response has the differential and that thought leadership is shown to avoid you being just part of the herd!

If we are engaged to write a tender for release we work in the opposite manner, technical outcomes and requirements are clearly set but in a generic form allowing for a response that shows thought leadership and development.  Redfish also will not work on any responses for any tender/bid development that has been undertaken.

We also offer other areas of any documentation writing such as state of the art design programs to provide diagrams of rooms in a 3D render to outline the way a room should be laid out.  Technical explanation are provided for complex systems integration ensure your response has the clearest outline of what you are proposing.


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