Redfish Technologies provides on-line technical support for all aspects of digital recording and associated systems.

Our online systems can be accessed by clicking the button below


You can log a ticket with our on-line systems or check on the progress of outstanding tickets.

All tickets are managed by our systems and alert all of the Redfish Technologies support team when a ticket is lodged or is unanswered after a present period of time.

Note: If you use this system without a valid support contract in place you may be charged for support time.

Please contact us if you would like a support contract or are unsure whether you have one in place

Support Services

Anywhere, any-place, any time... that′s what you get when dealing with Redfish Technologies.   Digital recording systems are mission critical, you cannot afford to have downtime.

Many organisations want to sell a product and walk away, Redfish Technologies is different.   We believe that to be truly successful, we need to provide and offer a superior  professional service and support solution to all of our customers and clients.

Downtime is expensive and creates many negative effects within the legal and meeting space markets.   Simply put, downtime cannot be tolerated at any level.  As a client, you need to feel that you will be provided with a level of support so that you will not be subject to any negative events.

Redfish Technologies can provide your organization with an unprecedented level of service & support. We understand that our clients need a flexible partner that can provide a high degree of support to make sure your organisation is prepared for any eventuality.

Redfish Technologies is committed to a high level of client service.  All Redfish Technologies staff are well trained, across a broad range of technologies and products spanning evidence recording and processing, audio and audio visual systems integration  and information technology services.

Redfish Technologies has also invested in a well structured support apparatus.  We are pleased to provide the following features and functions as part of any support solution we offer.

  • Dedicated web based tracking systems to keep you up-to-date with issues
  • Local numbers (Globally) so you can get quality support no matter where you are.
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