Shire of Laverton – Townsite CCTV Projects

Shire of Laverton engaged Redfish Technologies to provide CCTV solutions to 5 shire locations around the town site of Laverton. The solution uses the latest in 1080P cameras.

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Shire of Laverton - Townsite CCTV Projects

The Shire of Laverton is a western Australian local government area in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, about 370 kilometres northeast of the city of Kalgoorlie and about 950 kilometres east-northeast of the state capital, Perth

The solution installed 5 independent CCTV system at five key shire locations around the shire of Laverton.
The sites are:
  • Shire admin building - 8 cameras
  • Shire depot - 16 cameras
  • Visitor centre - 8 cameras
  • Community resource centre - 8 cameras
  • Laverton airport terminal - 8 cameras

Each siste had a 8 or 16 channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) installed.   The NVR was connected up to 8 or 16 Vandal Resistant Dome IP Cameras, all operating at 1080P.  Storage is 5TB of drive space allowing for up to 30 days storage.   The solution was designed to maximise coverage of the entire complex even at night with integrated IR on all the cameras. 
The interface for extraction of recordings and monitoring was specifically provided to ensure ease of use for the administration staff with easy access to find an event as it has occurred.
Each systems has a monitoring screen with additional WiFi to connect a smart device to monitor the system remotely.


System uses the latest NeoIP camera systems with NeoIP 2MP camera.
A separate router is provided with wireless interface to allow the optional iPad or iPhone application to work with the system.

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