RedFish Technologies Launches New Support Portal

Redfish Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its new support portal today. Click Here to view it.

We believe in world-class support, and that can only be achieved with a world-class system.  Incorporating everything you would expect from a superior support solution, we can offer all aspects of service & support including:*

  • Integrated Email Ticketing – simply send an email to and our system will log the email and provide you with an automated ticket response.
  • Phone Level Support – we now track all calls in our system, so you never lose that important information even when your are off the phone.
  • Website Instance Support – see the Red Tab marked “SUPPORT” on the left, click it and submit a support ticket from anywhere on our website.  Go on it is that easy…
  • Full Management, Reporting and Access – access everything that you have logged with us, immediately, all the threads and information, even attachments. If you are part of a group you can even view your colleague’s information and comments on existing tickets for your organization.   Note: SLA with Redfish is required for this option
  • SLA Management – that’s right, we track everything, if you have a support contract with us we  can now offer Service Level tracking to make sure none of your tickets ever get old!!
  • Tweet It – yep that’s right, just sign yourself up on our site and tweet your support needs from anywhere and anyplace..
  • RedFish Technology Forums – full knowledge base and technical articles, follow us with RSS, Twitter or even facebook integration, find out what’s happening on the technical side of things…
  • Mobile support – need to get support on the move our portal is fully mobile compatible.

So check out the new support portal…  more will be added soon.

*of course some of these items come at a costs….  Sign Up to one of our support contracts today