Law Enforcement

Redfish Technologies has very specialist knowledge of interview and evidence capture systems. These solutions are tailored towards all aspect of law enforcement organisations such as police, immigration, customs, homeland security, defence, intelligence, compliance inspectors or private security services. Whether your organisation is regional, state or federal based we have the right evidence management and capture systems for you.

We have undertaken extensive research to provide best in class secure digital recording and evidential management solutions. We can provide a range of products that provide integrated evidence capture product line-up. The line-up ranges from a state of the art digital recording solutions in a fixed or portable environment, mobile evidence and capture system and storage server solution allowing the interconnectivity of the evidence systems into a homogeneous system. Redfish can provide your organisation to have a total evidence systems that can be managed across geographically diverse locations, connected securely, sharing evidence in a seamlessly manner in real time or after the capture.


Our services include:

  • Consultancy and Design Services
  • Build and Implementation Services
  • Integration and Support of Evidence Systems
  • Interview Room Design & Speech Intelligibility Testing (STI)
  • Multi Year Maintenance Services

Solutions offered are:

  • State of the art mobile evidence capture, investigative and documentation systems
  • Field based capture of evidence systems
  • Digital interview recording systems meeting compliance to state and federal requirements
  • Secure storage systems to manage the interview recording and evidence capture
  • Audio visual solution to support the capture of evidence
Contact us today to find out how Redfish Technologies can help with your audio visual technology and digitalrecording. Take a look at our Service section for more details on some of these items.

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