Interview Recording

Interview Recording is required by many government departments, including law enforcement, customs and border protection, inquiry teams, commissions and immigration.

Redfish Technologies has developed a partnerships with Indico System who are a leading provider of secure digital recording and evidential management solutions.  Indico Systems consist of an integrated product line-up providing not only state of the art digital recording solutions in a fixed or portable environment  but also a high end server solution allowing the inter-connectivity of the recorders into a homogeneous system.  This enables a organisation to have geographically diverse locations, connected securely, sharing recording seamlessly in real time or post interview.

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Indico Systems products are all designed to meet the strict requirements of the UK Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act of 1984 and the accompanying codes of practices (CODE E and F).  Recognised as a best practice in interviewing techniques, the Indico solution has been installed in numerous UK, European and Australian forces over the last 5 years, being recognised as the best solution to meet the current and future needs of any modern police force.

At its core is the Indico Recorder is the ideal solution and replaces technology that is out-dated, proprietary and prone to failure. It is available as a standalone solution, or can be connected to Indico Streaming Server that allows for a fully networked solution as part of the Indico Server Solution.

Across the whole platform Indico have ensured to make sure that  the have met these key requirements:

No More Recording Failures

Indico Recorder comes with a state of the art cyclic redundancy check. In the unlikely event that an ongoing recording does not record any audio or video, Indico Recorder will notify the user who will be able to address the issue instantly instead of ending up with an entire session with no documentation.


A unique checksum is generated to guarantee the authenticity of the data as it is used. All sessions can be securely held in an archive for fast retrieval and/or deletion as required.

Intuitive And Flexible User Interface

The user interface of Indico Recorder has been developed together with Indico′s customers. The result is a very intuitive and self-explanatory user interface. It also allows for organisation to change the user interface depending on the needs of each individual customer.

The Indico product line consist of the following core products groups:

Indico Streaming Server

Built on an open architecture, the Indico Streaming Server will ensure that you can manage and store recordings and related multimedia files. Central to the design philosophy has been to create a platform that is easy to use, with a graphical user interface that supports all aspects of the process - recording, summarizing, downstream monitoring, archiving and long-term storage.

Features include:

  • Grant external access to live streams through secure protocols. Allow key personnel to follow an ongoing recording from a remote location via secure login.
  • Configurable user settings through active directory support, providing the most comprehensive granular rights management to all users for all recordings.
  • Distribute recordings easily, allowing a investigative team to work fast and efficiently without the need of cumbersome media to move physically around the organisation.
  • Unique transcription work flow tool, via a secure login process, allowing immediate transcription to occur as soon as the interview has completed.
  • Built upon a standard web based user interface allowing easy deployment and no additional client software installation.



Indico Recorder (fixed or portable)

Indico Recorder is the ideal solution and replaces technology that is out-dated, proprietary and prone to failure. It is available as a standalone solution, or can be connected to Indico Streaming Server that allows for a fully networked solution. Features include:

  • Reliable high quality recordings in standard formats (MP3, MPEG 2, Data or DVD and  MPEG 4)
  • Eliminate recording failures with sophisticated error handling and a a state of the art cyclic redundancy check
  • Multiple CD or DVD burner support allowing simultaneous creation of the recording to the required number of media in a fast efficient manner
  • Flexible user interface, allowing a "interface skin" to be developed for the specific organisation needs without affecting the core software
  • Intuitive work flow driven PACE compliant touch interface
  • Ensure authenticity of recordings using a unique encrypted (SHA256) checksum is generated to guarantee the authenticity of the data as it is used
  • Supports multiple cameras in a resolution up to 720p
  • Portable solutions using standard laptop hardware and HD based web cameras (seen below)



Redfish Technologies provides a complete package for your interview rooms.  Using the Indico recording system, we also provide your organisation the industry experience and audio visual integration to provide a world class interview room solution.  Additionally we can also assist in the initial consulting and design, working closely with your organisation to make sure your solution works first time every time in this mission critical environment.

Backed by our partnership with Indico who has more than ten years experience in developing, integrating and testing secure recording solutions, for the criminal justice sector.  Indico Systems has helped to improve the performance in suspect, witness and victim interviewing processes over the past decade. More than 100 customers around the world, including police forces, children′s safe houses, courts and the UN today rely on these solutions to save money and time, as well as provide accurate documentation. Redfish Technologies is pleased to be associated with this unique and elegant product.

Redfish Technologies is an exclusive reseller of Indico System products within Australia, and provides experienced integration support on this product worldwide.

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