Fair Work Commission Australia – Digital Recording and Biamp Tesira Forte

Fair Work Commission in January went live with a innovative digital recording solution across 40 rooms, which provided by Redfish Technologies and Merrill Corporation. The solution based upon Biamp Tesira Forte Ai DSP mixers connected to Liberty Court Recording software, using IP cameras for remote monitoring is a real first in the country. Additionally a real time portal has been built to allow the commission to playback the recordings and provide a wider delivery to there clients as and when required.

Client Snapshot


Fair Work Commission Australia - Digital Recording and Biamp Tesira Forte

The City of South Perth is a local government area in the inner southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth about 4 kilometres south of Perth's central business district.

Digital recording in the justice environment is core to the operations of the room.
Redfish Technologies was able to build an innovative solution based upon the new Biamp Tesira Ai DSP based audio mixer using the USB port to support the unique features of the Liberty Court Recording software. The unique abilty of the Bimap mixer and programming incorporated within them by Redfish, make the audio from these rooms best in class.  AKG microphones are used throughout provide excellent pick-up and capture
The recordings are provided with 4 channels of audio via the USB connection, and are able to be controlled via a number of control panels in the room, enabling the audio to be muted or the recording to be started or stopped remotely.  The Liberty Court Recording is also enabled to record/monitor with multiple video feeds from IP cameras at 720p into the same recording,
The systems is used in either a live remote geographic centralised monitoring, on premise centralised recording  or in room monitoring at the same time.  The recordings are also part of a bespoke portal enabling the commission to access them and playback from the website during or after the hearings. 



Technology used for this roll-out was
  • Bimap Tesira Forte Ai DSP Mixer
  • AKG CGN 99 microphones
  • Axis P3214 IP Cameras
  • Liberty Court Recording suite of products
  • Custom designed  Mute and Start/Stop plate

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