Digital Recording

Redfish Technologies has experience in all major brands of digital recording software for courts, councils, parliament and law enforcement.  There are many levels of digital recording products, we specialise in solution that enable the recording to be transcribed accurately and efficiently.  This technology is core to the capture of the audio recording and its transformation to the written record, its vital you get it right. As a professional systems integrator we are agnostic to all recording systems and specific the right solution based upon your organisation requirements.

There are many digital recording companies out there producing what on the surface are very similar products... so what are the differences?   We help you uncover what the right solution is for your environment and your method of operation. Redfish Technologies has a deep and detailed knowledge in this vital and mission critical requirement.   We believe that there is not one product to fit all requirements, so we have made it our business to understand the digital recording market, its products and their features.  This knowledge provide the basis of how we can assist you in finding the right solution to fit within your organisation works flows, requirements and outcomes.


We works with most major court recording and digital recording products however are always looking for new solutions and manufactures and strive to stay ahead of the learning curve on this hardware and software. We works with exclusivity with multichannel systems that are designed to record individual audio channels (between 2 and 16) and allows those channels to be played back simultaneously with a dedicated playback solution that supports transcription environments and hardware (headphones and foot controls)

We test all products to meet the functionality required and produce a yearly competitive matrix for our clients indicating which products rate the highest for functionally, workflow and technical ability.

Note:- this report is available upon request, but requires an non disclosure agreement to be signed for first.


We are always looking for the best features for any product. Some of the areas we can help you with are:
  • Specialists assistance with digital recording management and solutions, in standalone, centralised or enterprise wide systems. Proven and mature solutions are designed and created to meet your needs and requirements.Expert development of archiving process and workflow, in either removable media or network solutions. We can also provide a clear understanding on how to integrate your digital recording solution archiving into an enterprise or state wide implementation.
  • Unsure on how best to design and install a portable recording solution? RedFish Technologies can provide state of the art portable recording solutions & systems developed for all types of environments and conditions.
  • Do you need to manage and control your digital recording system across vast geographical distances and regions? We are able to provide and assist you with complete remote management & integration services to mange this problem seamlessly and effortlessly.
  • Work flow and process are vital to maintain efficiency in the workplace. Redfish Technologies has years of experience in developing workflow and implementation planning for digital recording solutions. We aim to develop the best work flow and recording management to assist & equip your organisation in getting the best out of its technology.
  • Redfish Technologies is always looking at the latest innovation that can provide better more enhanced solutions. We design, implement & upgrade these new technologies into your digital recording environment to enhance the overall efficiency and return on investment to your organization.
  • Tell us what you need and we will find the right solution to match your requirements or work out a method to undertake it if it cannot be undertaken straight out of the box.
Redfish also sell many types of transcription products and hardware that support these digital recording products.  Please review our WEBSTORE for more information on these products, such as the recording software and hardware, foot controls/pedals, transcription headphones and other related items.
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