Control Systems

Control is one of the most overlooked systems within a  room.  The control systems can be thought of like the glue that sticks all the parts together.  In our case is the systems that enable all the Audio Visual and other technologies to be controlled from one interface.
The control systems enable clients to easily and efficiently manage, direct and regulate numerous technologies and systems by incorporating these into a single user interface, controlled by a single remote control. Its interface can be a simple set of buttons through to a well programmed touch screen interface.

Control systems can also offer a lot more other than AV systems control, it can also incorporate other areas within your organisation’s locations.  This can be areas such as energy management and control, room booking and management systems, interfacing to other systems controls within a building and security control and assistance.

Our team has a high level of project, programming and design expertise in this important area of the control systems.   We design control interfaces that are innovative, intuitive and meet your organisations workflow objective.   We ensure the system is tested thoroughly prior to deployment and make sure your staff are trained on how it should be used, along with supplied detail documentation.

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