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Redfish Technologies is a specialised provider of evidential and audio visual solutions for integrated courtrooms, local government, parliamentary and law enforcement technology.  We are an Australian company based in Perth, but working worldwide.  Redfish consults, designs, installs and commissions these advanced technologies rooms and system around the world.  In particular we provide detailed design and consulting services for these solutions as contracted non exclusive service at the start of any project.


Justice Sector Consultancy

Redfish Technologies is a recognised leader in courtroom design and implementation.   We are unique in the industry as our approach is heavily influenced by its understanding and knowledge of the functions performed in a court and the way people operate within that  courtroom.   Our team approaches the technical solution and design within the context of an end-to-end evidence management process.  In addition to providing design services, we also provide specialist consultancy in courtroom technology refresh initiatives, evidence processing, recording/reporting and transcription integration.


Local Government Sector Consultancy

Redfish Technologies is well established within the industry with a reputation for outstanding designs and consultancy services to local government sector.  In particular our team has an established name for high quality design in CCTV systems and technological advanced audio visual solutions.  We have took time to learn the workflows and methodology used within local government and ensure that our services meet the requirements set out.

Parliamentary Sector Consultancy

A speciality for Redfish Technologies is working with Parliamentary services to put in place the best design possible for Hansard, Committee rooms and the main chambers.  Our design services are based around high quality recording systems and high grade audio visual solutions to support those recording system.   Design and consultancy will ensure your solutions meets the high demands of the Hansard operation and that integrity of the recording is always maintained.


Law Enforcement Sector Consultancy

Law enforcement is becoming more and more sophisticated.  Redfish design and consultancy will provide your organisation with simply the best advice and detailed understanding on the key areas of evidential recording solutions and "scene” evidence collection and distribution.  We have worked with these fields for a long period of time and understand the very specific workflows and requirement of this specialist environment


Audio Visual Design

Audio Visual and CCTV design is a foundation of much of the specific sectors we work within, however we also provide detailed consultancy and design for generalised Audio Visual rooms and CCTV systems specific layouts. We can work with the architects and project managers to ensure your systems is designed correctly for the outset.

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