City of Perth – Audio Discussion System

Redfish were awarded the contract to supply the update to the City of Perth council chambers with Bosch DCN wireless discussion system with voting.


Client Snapshot


City of Perth - Audio Dicussion System

The City of Perth is a local government area and body, within the Perth metropolitan area, which is the capital of Western Australia. The local government body is commonly known as Perth City Council. The city covers the Perth central business district and surrounding suburbs. The city covers an area of 12.7 square kilometres (5 sq mi) and had an estimated population of 18,988 as at June 2012.

The City of Perth, requested via WALGA PREFERRED SUPPLIER - ICT AND RELATED SERVICES CONTRACT NO. CO16/14 panel for a replacement of its ageing discussion systems.
Redfish Technologies was awarded this contract and provided a new Bosch DCN wireless discussion system with electronic voting in the council chamber.   The systems comprises of 14 delegate units, 1 for the Lord Mayor, 8 for councillors and 4 for executive officers.
The systems is controlled via fully control suite within the council chamber, allowing the operator to mange microphone, control voting and view all wireless and battery statistics from each unit.   Two hand-held radio microphones for the public are also incorporated into the system via a Plena Matrix unit.
Additionally the latest version of Liberty Meeting Recorder was also incorporated, with integrated Word/Minutes bookmarking and the abilty to live stream to a content delivery network.


This installation consisted of:
  • Bosch DCN CCU
  • Bosch DCN WAP Unit
  • Bosch Delegate units with Long Microphones
  • Bosch Plena Matrix
  • EV Radio Microphones
  • Liberty Meeting Recorder

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