City of South Perth Chamber Upgrade

Awarded the contract to upgrade the City of South Perth council chamber with new state of art audio discussion system, HD vision system using vision over IP technologies. The whole systems was created with a new multi-purpose control systems and dedicated council meeting management software suite.

Client Snapshot


City of South Perth - Chamber Upgrade

The City of South Perth is a local government area in the inner southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth about 4 kilometres south of Perth's central business district.

The City of South Perth engaged Redfish Technologies as a preferred WALGA supplier for audio visual systems to redevelop the ageing council chamber audio visual systems.   After an extensive review of Technologies and functionality required in the chamberer, Redfish was awarded the contract to go ahead with the redevelopment in last 2016.  A primary focus was to retain the room warmth and feel yet incorporate the new technologies without compromising the room layout or architecture.
The project commenced during the early part of 2017, with an extensive re-cabling of the room. The project consisted of four main systems being incorporated into the room.
The new Bosch Dicentis wireless audio discussion systems was incorporated into the chamber with new touch screen interfaces and voting capacity.  This system was managed via  Biamp Tesira forte mixer with integrated VOIP telephony.  Lap.Gruppen amplifiers managed the existing fit for purpose speakers within the room in multiple zones.   The audio systems also integrated into the existing Cisco Video Conferencing systems.   New hearing assistance was added with Williams IR added into the room. 
A new recording system was added with Liberty Meeting recorder being added into the chamber. 
The vision systems was the largest part of the project with the foundation being built upon the successful  Wyrestorm Network HD vision over IP solution.   3 x Computer HDMI Inputs, HD Tuner, Kramer Collaboration Device, Video Conferencing and BluRay player were able to be matrixed to 5 vision zones within the chamber.  These consisted of two new Samsung 74" screens, 20 smaller 15" Lilliput HD screens for the councillors and executive staff and two exiting projectors. 
A new timing "traffic light" system was also added to allow users to visualise timing during submission and presentation to the council.  
The whole systems was controlled by a purpose created Command Fusion control systems operated from a dedicated iPad that managed all vision selection to each screen output zone, telephony dialling, Video conferencing management and control of the HD tuner and Bluray player. 
Separate to the main control system was a dedicated PC using Connected Conference software that is used exclusivity to management voting, microphone selection, meeting discussion order and meeting reporting. 


  • Bosch Dicentis Wireless discussion system
  • Biamp Tesira Forte
  • Lab.Gruppen Amplifers
  • Williams IR Hearing Assistance
  • Samsung 74" HD Screens
  • Lilliput 15" HD Screens
  • Liberty Meeting Recorder
  • Wyrestorm Network HD
  • Kramer Vision Distribution
  • Kramer Collaboration Unit
  • TEAC HD Tuner
  • Sony BluRay Player
  • Clock-watch timing System

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