City of Melville – Chamber Vision Upgrade

City of Melville awarded the contract to Redfish Technologies to upgrade the currnet council chamber with a new HD vision over IP system, using small localised and large gallery screens.

Client Snapshot


City of Melville - Chamber Upgrade

The City of Melville, located on the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia, where a diverse and multicultural community enjoys a rich built and natural heritage, a blend of retail and business precincts, an abundance of opportunities for physical and social activity, open spaces and a unique natural landscape. The City is located eight kilometres from the Perth Central Business District, in an area of 52.72 square kilometres featuring 18.1 kilometres of foreshore. The City consists of 18 suburbs divided into six wards, connected by over 1,200 kilometres of local, arterial and major roads.

The City of Melville a long term client of Redfish Technologies elected to upgrade the chamber vision systems first installed by Redfish in 2009.  this older system was older VGA based system, and it was time to improve the system to HD quality.
The vision systems was updated to use the successful Wyrestorm Network HD vision over IP solution.   3 PC inputs within the chamber provided a matrix source to 5 vision zones within the chamber.  These consisted of two new Samsung 74" screens and 15 smaller 15" Lilliput HD screens for the councilors and executive staff.
The main systems running through a IP switch in the rear rack room
The whole systems was controlled by the Wyrestorm NetworkHD control systems operated from a dedicated iPad that managed all vision selection to each screen output zone.


  • Samsung 74" HD Screens
  • Lilliput 15" HD Screens
  • Liberty Meeting Recorder
  • Wyrestorm Network HD
  • Kramer Vision Distribution
  • Kramer Collaboration Unit

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