City of Joondalup – Meeting Room Upgrade

Redfish Technologies was requested to upgrade the meeting room to new HD video solutions. This incorporated four new screens and a projector / screen all controlled from an iPad controller. Two of the screes used drop down motorised panels form the ceiling

Client Snapshot


City of Joondalup - Meeting Room Upgrade

The City of Joondalup is in the fast growing northwest corridor of Perth, with its southern boundary located just 15kms from the Central Business District of Perth. With a population of approximately 164,000 and a total land area of approximately 97 square kilometres, the City is one of the largest local governments in Western Australia by population.

Providing the upgrade using Kramer vision distribution systems and matrix unit, and controlling via a wall mounted iPad controller using Kramer K Touch control systems was the perfect solution for this site.   All vision as distributed over CAT6a cabling and is in 1080P HD resolution.
Samsung 65" and 55" screen were used.  the 55" screen being incorporated onto the ScreenTechnics drop down screen panels.


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