City of Canning – Phase One Chamber Upgrade

Redfish undertook the Phase One upgrade of the audio systems within the council chamber using Bosch DCN NG and Plena Matrix Audio systems

Client Snapshot


City of Canning - Phase One Chamber Upgrade

The City of Canning is located in Perth's south-eastern suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD and covers a total of 65 square kilometres. The original inhabitants of the Canning area were the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. Later, from 1829, European settlement in the area was based around farming, market gardening and timber milling. Now, the City consists of a diverse and multicultural population.

The City of Canning, engaged Redfish Technologies via WALGA PREFERRED SUPPLIER - ICT AND RELATED SERVICES CONTRACT NO. CO16/14 panel for a replacement of its council chamber audio system.  This was expected to be Phase One of the three phase project across the council chamber and function rooms.
Redfish Technologies provided a new Bosch DCN NG wireless discussion system with electronic voting in the council chamber.   The systems comprises of 21 delegate units, 1 for the Mayor, 10 for councillors and the rest for the executive officers.
The systems is controlled via the Bosch Synoptic Management and Control suite within the council chamber, allowing the operator to mange microphone, control voting and view all wireless and battery statistics from each unit.   Two hand-held radio microphones for the public are also incorporated into the system.  All the audio was managed by the Plena DSP Mixer and Plena DSP amplifier. 
Additionally the latest version of Liberty Meeting Recorder was also incorporated, with integrated Word/Minutes bookmarking and the ability to live stream to a content delivery network.
The overall systems was installed in a Rack unit that could be moved between the chamber and functions rooms for agenda meetings as and when required.



This installation consisted of:
  • Bosch DCN CCU
  • Bosch DCN WAP Unit
  • 21 x Bosch Delegate units with Long Microphones
  • Bosch Plena Matrix
  • EV Radio Microphones
  • Liberty Meeting Recorder
  • 19" 18RU rack on caster

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