City of Busselton – New Council Chamber

Awarded the tender to upgrade the City of Busselton new council chamber with new state of art audio discussion system with voting, multi screen HD vision system using vision over IP technologies.  Additional items added were digital recording & collaboration systems integration.   

Client Snapshot



City of Busselton - New Chamber

The City of Busselton is a local government area in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 230 kilometres south of Perth, the state capital.

The City of Busselton awarded the tender to Redfish Technologies, in late September 2016 to undertake the Audio Visual design and construction of the new City of Busselton Civic Building.  Part of this design was the new council chamber.   Redfish worked with the cities stakeholders to develop a solution within the budget, which included a review of the acoustic requirements of the rooms and development of a EASE model.   The city elected to go with a new wired discussion systems as the main foundation of the room audio system, along with high definition vison over IP technologies.

The construction phase of the project commended in late May 2017, and completed in July 2017 once the City had move into the new building.


The new Bosch Dicentis wired audio discussion systems was incorporated into the chamber with new touch screen interfaces and voting capacity.  This system audio is managed via Biamp Tesira forte mixer with integrated VOIP telephony.  Lab.Gruppen amplifiers are used with QSC 4” ceiling speakers for gallery voice lift.  New hearing assistance was added with Williams IR added into the room with supplied receivers.   Audio from a dedicated media player (Bluetooth, CD, MP3, USB, AM/FM) is also able to be used in the room.  Audio from the vision systems is also provided through the discussion and gallery speakers.

A new recording system was added with Liberty Meeting recorder being added into the chamber which the additional of future live broadcasting incorporated.


The vision systems was based on the award winning Wyrestorm Network HD vision over IP solution.   The vision systems comprises of 3 x Computer HDMI Inputs, 1 x HD Tuner and  1 x Kramer Collaboration Device.  Outputs are matrixed to 3 vision zones within the chamber.  These consisted of two new Samsung 65" screens which are one zone out each and a third zone with 12 smaller 22" Samsung HD screens for the councillors and executive staff.   This allows ”live” minutes and voting information to be displayed simultaneously, along with presentations sources, TV and Bring Your Own Devices inputs via the collaboration systems as required.


The whole systems was controlled by a purpose created Command Fusion control systems operated from a dedicated iPad that managed all vision selection to each screen output zone, telephony dialling, Video conferencing management and control of the HD tuner and Bluray player. 


Separate to the main control system was a dedicated PC using the Bosch Dicentis software that is used exclusivity to management voting, microphone selection, meeting discussion order and meeting reporting. 


  • Bosch Dicentis wired discussion system
  • Biamp Tesira Forte Vi
  • Lab.Gruppen Amplifer
  • QSC Ceiling speakers
  • Williams IR Hearing Assistance
  • Samsung 65" HD Gallery Screens
  • Samsung 22" HD Desk Screens
  • Liberty Meeting Recorder
  • Wyrestorm Network HD
  • Kramer Vision Distribution
  • Kramer Collaboration Unit
  • TEAC HD Tuner
  • Denon Media Player

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