City of Bemont – Chamber AV Upgrade

Phase Three at the City of Canning was the upgrade of the function room. This incorporated upgrading the room with new HD vision systems, control systems and audio systems for the vents and meetings held within the room.

Client Snapshot


City of Canning - Phase Three Function Audio Vision Upgrade

The City of Canning is located in Perth's south-eastern suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Perth CBD and covers a total of 65 square kilometres. The original inhabitants of the Canning area were the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. Later, from 1829, European settlement in the area was based around farming, market gardening and timber milling. Now, the City consists of a diverse and multicultural population.

Undertaking Phase three was installed in conjunction with the phase two upgrade in the council chamber.
The function rooms existing speakers were used and a 4 zone audio systems installed allowing two roving microphones and the ability for a band or similar to plug into the rooms audio. Background music sources were incorporated allowing radio, CD or MP3 to be played within the room. 
The vision systems was upgraded with the existing projector screen being used with a new HD projectors and a 2nd projector screen being installed with new motorised screen. Additionally a large 75" screen was also incorporated for the back of the room.   Two wall HDMI connection were allowed along with a Internal and Public collaboration systems allowing allowing participates from within the chamber to connection any device to any one of  the vision screens.
The Audio and Visual systems were controlled via an iPad controller



  • Kramer Connect pro
  • Bosch Plena Matrix
  • Bosch Plena Amplifers
  • Como Radio/MP3 player
  • Kramer K-touch control system
  • Kramer Vision Matrix and distribution units
  • 1 x Samsung HD Displays
  • 2 x Epson HD Projectors
  • 1 x Custom Motorised Drop down Projector Screen

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