City of Bemont – Chamber AV Upgrade

Redfish Technologies was requested to update the ageing council chamber with a new audio discussion systems, HD video screens, digital recording systems and hearing assistance.. The city of Belmont because the first council environment within Australia to install the new wireless Bosch Dicenstis discussion system as part of the fit out.


Client Snapshot


City of Bemont - Chamber AV Upgrade

The City of Belmont is a local government area in the inner eastern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth, located about 8 kilometres east of Perth's central business district on the south bank of the Swan River.

Redfish Technologies chose to install the latest in the successful line of audio discussion systems from Bosch, being the new wireless Dicentis audio discussion system.  Using the new extended touch screen discussion units with identification at seat, these units provide immediate visual feedback to all participates to all parties speaking.   The Dicentis systems operate as a true Wi-Fi certified  systems in the 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz bands and channel hops to avoid conflicts with other Wi-Fi devices.  The systems as integrated with the successful line of Bosch Plena DSP Mixer and Amplifiers.  4 audio zones were provided in the chamber.  Control of the audio being via the web based Bosch Dicentis app on a PC or tablet.

Kramer vision distribution systems were used to provide 1080 HD vision across the chamber to innovative 10" Lilliput screens on the councillors desks and 4 large screen 82" Samsung in the gallery and main chamber.  All vison inputs are via the Kramer Collage collaboration unit allowing any device to connect via wired or wireless connectivity to presents onto the screens.  A Humantechica hearing loop was laid and certified for AS1428 hearing assistance.



  • Bosch Dicentis Discussion System
  • Bosch Plena Matrix
  • Bosch Plena Amplifer
  • Bosch Feedback Suppressor
  • HumanTechics Hearing Loop
  • Kramer Vison Distribution Systems 
  • iPad Controller
  • Cisco Network Switches
  • Samsung 82" Screen
  • Lilliput 10" HD Screens

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