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CCTV is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily life, we see it everywhere.  However not all CCTV systems are the same.  It all starts with ensuring your systems meets the outcomes expected of it, and ensuring your expectation are met, or set, to what a systems is capable of producing.

Redfish Technologies has developed partnerships with a number of best of breed CCTV and security manufactures to provide world class systems that meet any requirement or budget.  All of our systems are now promoted with high definition (HD) cameras  enabling superb picture quality and more importantly the ability to get good identification of a subject in the picture.  We provide systems that use IP connections, or new technologies such as SDI-HD, enabling older coaxial systems to be upgraded without having to replace expensive infrastructure.

Our systems start with elegant and functional low cost systems that still have highly functional interfaces and excellent optics on the lens, through to very sophisticated systems that integrate with access system and building services.   Within our CCTV product line-up we  have highly technical solutions with advanced features such as advanced camera and lens solutions, intelligent video analytic, and large storage array manage systems.

Redfish Technologies has spent many hours in learning features and functions of all the systems we deploy, meaning we are never behind the technology curve when making sure we have identified a solution that will meet the outcomes of your organisation.  We have developed a leading relationship with industry reconsigned security experts, to ensure that we have the best advice to give to you.

Services Provided.

  • CCTV Consultancy, including outcomes driven design and implementation based upon your organisation expectations. Our CCTV also incorporates an 8 point process to ensure a success project, read more here
  • Independently security consultancy, by a leading security expert for large complex systems deployment.
  • Installation of leading CCTV systems
  • Supply of integrated CCTV systems with audio visual integration
  • Independent classroom training services to your organisation staff, to ensure they understand CCTV functional and limitations.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of existing or new CCTV systems.
  • Designs tools that provide detailed outlines of your systems deployment

CCTV is often misrepresented in the media and in TV shows.  We aren′t box shifters, who just provide a system that may or may not meet your expectations, and more importantly often is inadmissible in a court due to poor quality or lack of identification level in the captured footage.   For accurate and evidential quality capture, the identification area is key to any systems deployed.  Our team undertakes our assessment and engagement to define the solution required against key requirements  and outcomes set by you.  We are professional licensed security agents that want to ensure your systems will meet the core requirement of evidential recording capture such that it can be used by law enforcement to get a conviction.

We then produce detailed drawings that allow you to visualise how the capture area will be defined.  We use a sophisticated tailored CCTV camera placement and layout software program, that allows us to overlay camera positions into an existing drawing, site plans, or even Google maps or other mapping programs.

This simulation program is key to ensuring that your expectation are met and that our installers have a core understanding of how to install and implement the system to be used.

Core areas of any of our design works is to ensure these key factors for any site are undertaken and addressed before the systems is specified.   if your not being asked these questions, its likely your systems, wont meet your expectations.

  1. Meet with stakeholders to determine requirements and expected outcome.
  2. On-site inspection and evaluation of requirements and placement.
  3. Determine correct placement of systems and visualise environmental factors.
  4. Determine lighting conditions (day and night) and make recommendations for any additional requirements.
  5. Provide a written evaluation and quotation for submission for works for the CCTV systems for each area that requires it.
Camera Simulation
Camera Simulation
Cameras Placement Overview
Cameras Placement Overview
Camera Identification Levels
Camera Identification Levels

Redfish is a specialist in local government CCTV consultancy, solutions and ongoing support.


Redfish Technologies is a Western Australian Licensed Security Agent, Installer, & Consultant - License Number 41326

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