CCTV 8 Stage Consulting Plan

Redfish Technologies clients are state and local government departments, law enforcement agencies and corporate who want to ensure they have access to the technical knowledge and support, to enable them to achieve their objectives and future plans for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) deployment.  A client who engages Redfish for consultancy with CCTV implementation and design is assured of competent expertise and experience in CCTV solution development, gained through our independent understanding and experience developed from lessons learnt from previous projects and detailed evaluations of multiple solutions.
We offer eight stage plan in any CCTV consultancy Redfish is engaged within, these 8 stages are:
  1. Evaluation
  2. Feasibility
  3. CCTV Strategy
  4. CCTV Design Development
  5. Detailed Design of CCTV Systems
  6. Tender Review of CCTV Submissions
  7. Project Management
  8. Witness Testing
Redfish Technologies CCTV Consultancy service provides focused review of project stages which forms the life cycle of a successfully implemented Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) project,  which can include one or all, of the project stages detailed below: -
CCTV Overview-350


Many of our clients have been using CCTV before we are engaged. Their systems may be old, obsolete, no longer fit for purpose or in need of upgrade, repair or replacement. Unlike a new build project in the built environment where new systems are designed to address business objectives, existing real estate and the legacy systems installed within often forms a small part of an organisations overall security strategy which increases the importance of continued review of an organisations operational requirements (OR) for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) operation.

At evaluation stage the Redfish CCTV Consultant will first provide an independent review of the existing system, providing a thorough audit of all camera positions and the control room(s) display, control, recording and resilience systems. Redfish will then prepare a dilapidation report for the client, providing an independent review of each system and a thorough options appraisal for possible improvements and how to leverage performance from existing legacy systems without necessarily replacing the complete system.

Redfish CCTV audit and dilapidation survey will include: -

  • Visual inspection of all equipment
  • Assess the CCTV systems Inventory, schematic and line diagrams
  • Assess the CCTV system network topology and bandwidth requirements
  • Site Plans and Operational Requirements (OR) conformance
  • System user audit
  • Assessment of Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Has the incumbent CCTV maintainer updated? As Constructed? Drawings as the system has evolved over time?
  • Are CCTV operators suitably trained with the provision of easy to follows user instructions?
  • Does the system have sufficient resilience UPS and Battery Backup provision?
  • Does the system have a database and what is its integrity?
  • Are the software operating systems up-to-date with latest manufacturer release versions installed?
  • Inspection and maintenance on security and access control hardware
  • Inspection and maintenance on digital surveillance hardware
  • Inspection and maintenance on analytic system
  • Provision of Inspection and Test Reports
  • Integration options between various security systems




The investment in any new system or upgrade of an existing system often requires a robust business case presented to senior management to justify expenditure and how CCTV will play an important role in an organisation overall safety and security strategy.

Our feasibility services is designed to provide our client with a clear and concise address of the business case surrounding implementation, expansion or upgrade of CCTV surveillance systems.

Examples of Redfish previous CCTV feasibility study briefs includes: -

  • Drawing on research findings and best practice, provide an overview of the national perspective relating to the value of public surveillance CCTV at the time of commission, in the context of contributing to reducing crime and disorder on the organisation properties and recommend whether the service should continue to form part of the clients core business.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the service by examining in house and CCTV contractor data, working practices, reports and other documentation, interviewing relevant client stakeholders and project sponsors, representatives of partner agencies and by carrying out site visits as appropriate.
  • Based on evaluation findings and in consideration of the aims of the service, make recommendations on opportunities for income generation from provision of CCTV monitoring services to other agencies and expansion of the service generally based on future service charging of tenants and leaseholders.
  • Conduct a full technical evaluation of the business case, to provide project plans, costs of infrastructure and equipment and assessment whether these were deliverable and met the aims of the service review.
  • Review the service infrastructure, cameras, control room layout and equipment etc. and recommended interim changes where possible to achieve standardisation across all sites and a better quality service at low cost (quick wins).


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CCTV Strategy

Development of a CCTV strategy is crucial to ensure any system is designed, operated and managed effectively and efficiently. We can determine that the systems will meet the outcomes your organisation requires. Whether its movement, detection, recognition, or identification levels of CCTV.

A robust CCTV strategy from Redfish will often comprise of: -

  • A developed set of operational requirements which are agreed by all project stakeholders. An Operational Requirement (OR) is a statement of needs based upon a systematic assessment of each site.
  • Administration: Who is to administer the system, where, how and why?
  • Objectives of the scheme: Why is CCTV being used and how does it integrate to the wider security or process control application of the site?
  • What is the purpose of the CCTV system?
  • How can performance be measured? What key performance indicators (KPI′s) will be relevant to the system and its operation?
  • Will the performance achieve your expectations?



CCTV Design Development

CCTV Design Development is the first phase of determining the scope for a new CCTV system. Redfish provides stakeholder consultation, site survey support, documentation and budgetary guidance to allow our client′s the ability to make an informed decision relating to proceeding to the procurement phase for a CCTV project.

At CCTV Design Development Phase, Redfish can provide: -

  • A CCTV impact assessment
  • Undertake 3D modelling of proposed locations to provide indication of project outcomes before installation
  • A computer aided design (CAD) generated site plan drawing showing proposed exterior camera positions
  • Computer aided design (CAD) generated individual floor plan drawings showing proposed camera positions
  • An outline description of the proposed system
  • A statement of perceived project risks, legislative matters which may apply and planning constraints and address of how any risks or constraints may be overcome
  • Engage with suitable system vendors to obtain validated quotations for budgetary purposes
  • Provide a budgetary estimate of costs and options appraisal for stakeholder approval


CCTV Design-350

Detailed Design of CCTV Systems

At CCTV Detailed Design Phase, Redfish can provide: -

  • A computer aided design (CAD) generated proposed system schematic diagram
  • A computer aided design (CAD) generated floor level riser diagram
  • A computer aided design (CAD) generated network topography drawing
  • A computer aided design (CAD) generated artists impression and floor plan layout for the proposed control room(s)
  • A detailed statement of requirements
  • A project plan and programme of works



Tender Review - CCTV Systems

At CCTV tender action phase, Redfish can provide any of the foll wing aspects to assist your organisations: -
  • Assist the client to prepare appropriate KPI′s for vendor selection. This can be in the form of technical questions and a scoring mechanism for a project pre-qualification questionnaire
  • Prepare a performance based or detailed design based specification (subject to each client′s actual procurement requirements)
  • Prepare a pricing schedule document or bill of quantities for completion by the bidding contractor
  • Suggest and adopt a model form of contract for the procurement of the CCTV system (i.e. minor works with contractor design)
  • Issue tender action schematics, site plan, floor plan, riser and control room layout drawings which have been developed and approved following completion of the detailed design phase
  • Conduct a bidders briefing conference / site inspection on behalf of the client
  • Support the client to respond to technical clarifications / requests for information
  • Technically and if required, financially evaluate tender submissions received
  • Confirm that organisations carry the required licenses and endorsements to complete the works as required by state and national regulators.
  • Provide a tender evaluation report and recommendation for short-listing of bidder(s)
  • Support the client at a short-listed bidder presentation
  • Contribute to stakeholder input and review of the short-listed bidders presentation outcome
  • Confirm insurances are complete with appropriate levels of protection for the organisation
  • Make final recommendation for contractor appointment



Project Management

Redfish are independent and suitably represent the interests of the client for the duration of any CCTV system installation to ensure the project is delivered by the relevant contractor on time with minimum disruption to the working environment and to tendered budget.

Once our client has reached a decision to appoint a contractor to install a CCTV system, Redfish are competent and experienced to assist with the project management of the installation to ensure conformance with the pre-agreed project specification and bid package programme. At CCTV project management phase, Redfish will provide: -

  • Conduct a pre-contract meeting management, agenda′s, co-ordination and circulation of minutes
  • Conduct on site project meetings at pre-determined intervals, to which all interested parties will be invited, but will be attended by the CCTV contractor and project manager at a minimum. Issue meeting minutes which shall be produced by our project manager and distributed to all stakeholders in a timely manner
  • Conduct an on-site walk around and inspection every week and possibly on site overseeing of certain tasks such as CAT scanning where applicable.
  • Conduct on site liaison with client team and health & safety meetings, permit requests, etc.
  • Prepare meeting minutes and engage in stakeholder and contractor communication
  • Conduct off-site witnessing of factory tests and trials



Witness Testing

Redfish has our own in house calibrated test equipment to assist with non-emotional witness testing and authorising engineer services on behalf of our clients.
 Redfish can test video signals from cameras to ensure correct set up, utilise bar generators to ensure correct monitor configuration and test the CCTV network considering bandwidth budgets specified against actual throughput of a network achieved within the installation.
At CCTV witness testing phase, Redfish can provide: -
  • Initial system inspections and production of snagging lists
  • Certification of contractor interim and other payment claims
  • Issue of practical completion certificate to contractor once the client receives & beneficial use of the system
  • On site system trials and acceptance
  • Reading and checking of as installed manuals and drawings
  • Other tasks not listed above but required on an as and when basis to enable successful project completion
  • Witnessing commissioning on selective and random basis (Day & Night Tests Required)
  • Review of O&M Manuals and Record Drawings
  • Issue of final handover certificate to contractor



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