Assistive Listening

Do you need an Assistive Listening System (ALS) or Hearing Loop?

Does your Public Space or Public Counter show this symbol?

Are you compliant to Australian Standards?

Has your accessibility system been checked recently?

Do you have a disability access plan and does it encompass audio?

Building Code & Australian Standards - What you need to know.

Current Australian Building Standards (AS 1428.2-2010) call for at least 80% of the any sound reinforcement space to also be covered by a hearing augmentation - listening system (ALD).

Hearing augmentation - listening system must be installed in any for the following - In any conference room, meeting room or the like with a floor area of more than 100 m2. - In any room used for judicatory purposes. - In a Class 9b building, any screen or scoreboard capable of displaying public announcements, must be capable of supplementing any public address system, other than a public address system used for emergency warning purposes only. Hearing augmentation systems must be complaint to AS 60118.4

AS 1428.5 is the recently revised section of the Australian Access to Buildings Code which specifically addresses issues and requirements relative to Assistive Listening. It is mandatory and is aimed at meeting the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA 1992) which states that it is illegal to discriminate against those with any impairment. This of course includes hearing impairment.

One section of AS 1428.5 deals with payment, assistance counters and similar situations:

In brief: An ALS (assistive listening system) must be provided at any place where a service provider deals with a client or customer. This includes all classes of counters. In cases of multiple counters in one location with user choice of counter, there must be a minimum of 20% of counter coverage.

How we can help

Redfish Technologies have a number of intuitive and innovative solution that can  be used in just about any location, whether its a public service counter, function or meeting room or temporary event inside or outside.  We can offer the following:

  • Certification of your existing Hearing Augmentation Systems to AS 60118.4
  • Provide a complete site survey to design and specify a compliant solution that meets AS1428
  • Update your audio and public address systems for Assistive Listening System (ALS)
  • Provide professional assistance with design, implementation and set-up
  • Provide mobile ALS devices to working with existing systems


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