Federal Agency Hearing, Operations & Conference Room Fitout

Awarded the contract to provide a new hearing room, operation room and conference rooms to a multi role federal agency.

Client Snapshot


Federal Multi-Role Agency

Multi-Functional federal agency that provide support for law enforcement across the country.

Engaged due to Redfish experience in hearing and courtrooms, this federal agency had a requirement for a hearing and reviewing room, conference room, and an operation room  in its new all purpose offices.


Redfish elected to use Biamp Tesira Audio mixers for the conference and hearing room.  Sennheiser gooseneck microphones in the hearing room with and Audix M3 hanging microphones in the conference room.  Amplifier audio reinforcement and QSC speakers were used within all rooms.

Output to the existing digital recording system was provided from the audio mixer.  Within the conference rooms integrated video conferencing with the existing Polycom systems was provided.


Within the hearing room and conference room, Kramer visual distribution was used with dedicated connection points for all visual inputs, including VGA, HDMI, Display Port and DVI. Vision was provided to a single large screen Samsung panel in each room

The multi use Operational rooms was provided with a dedicated Wyrestrom Network HD visual distribution and matrix systems allowing 4 inputs to be supplied to 4 large Samsung panels either as individual outputs to each screen or one input shown as a video wall.

The Hearing, Review and Conference rooms are controlled by a purpose created Command Fusion control systems operated from a dedicated iPad that managed all vision selection to each screen output.
The operation room uses the successful Wyrestrom NetworkHD control application for simple swipe and pay operation.
Due to the sensitivity of the work carried out, Redfish incorporated all systems into a Class C rack in the secure communication room.


  • Biamp Tesira Forte
  • Lab.Gruppen Amplifiers
  • QSC AD-C4T Speakers
  • Sennheiser Gooseneck Microphones
  • Audi M3 Microphones
  • Samsung HD Screens
  • Wyrestorm Network HD
  • Kramer Vision Distribution

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