Case Studies

Redfish Technologies has undertaken a number of project in our core markets.
Using the time line shown below, browse through some of the key case studies on projects we have undertaken.   Some of the projects shown are small installations while others are large complex solutions that took a number of months to roll-out.
Whatever the type or size of project Redfish ensures all projects are undertaken with the same degree of attention, focus and support that we provide in everything we do.
Contact us if you would like to find out more information on any of our projects we have undertaken.

City of Melville Chamber Vision Upgrade

City of Melville awarded the contract to Redfish Technologies to upgrade the currnet council chamber with a new HD vision over IP system, using small localized and large gallery screens.

Town of East Fremantle

New vision systems for the Town of East Fremantle council chamber

Shire of Yilgarn – Depot CCTV

Awarded the CCTV project for the shires works depot

City of Armadale – Committee Room

Awarded the contract to upgrade the City of Armadale committee room with new vision over IP matrix and audio conferencing systems.

Tasmanian Parliament New Committee Room

The fit out of the Tasmanian Parliament New Committee Room with centralised audio and visual systems

City of Busselton – New Council Chamber

Awarded the Tender to design and construct the new City of Busselton council chamber as part of the wider contract to provide audio visual systems into the new civic building construction.

Federal Agency Hearing, Operations & Conference Room Fitout

Awarded the desgin, installation and commissioning for a large multi-use federal agency hearing room fit out

Administrative Appeals Tribunal – Perth

Undertook the desgin, installation and commissioning for the new AAT Perth hearing rooms and conference rooms.

City of South Perth – Chamber Upgrade

Awarded the contract to upgrade the City of South Perth council chamber with new state of art audio discussion system, HD vision system using vision over IP technologies. The whole systems was created with a new multi-purpose control systems and dedicated council meeting management software suite.

City of Gosnells – Multi Room Vison Upgrade

Awarded the contract to upgrade the Council Chamber, Meeting Rooms and Function Room Audio and Vision systems upgrade by the City in Late 2016. Incorporating integration with existing systems such as the Bosch Discussion systems and existing in room audio. The upgrade refreshed the old analogue low resolution system to HD vision and incorporated new audio digital signal processing along with a new iPad based control system.

Launcestion Supreme Court 1 & 2 Audio and Control System Refresh

Undertook to refresh the Tasmanian Supreme Court (Launceston) the audio and control systems in Court 1 & 2. This included integrating the new audio systems with video conferencing and the existing digital recording systems.

WAIRC Level New CCTV Systems

As part of the Level 17 fit out, WAIRC requested an upgraded new CCTV systems incorporating the latest in camera technologies. A HD systems was installed with 50 cameras across levels 17, 18 and 19 using IP cameras.

WAIRC Level 17 AV fitout

Completed the WAIRC AV installation for the new fit out of Level 17. This included the new hearing room F, breakout room, meeting room and registry area. Audio visual systems were installed including telephone and video conferencing, collaboration units, control systems, display screen and audio recording.

City of Bayswater – AV Refresh

The City of Bayswater requested Redfish Technologies upgrade the existing council chamber with the latest wireless audio discussion systems with voting, post audio streaming, recording and future proofing for web streaming (audio and video). Additional it was also request to improve the audio in the chamber and include HD video throughout

City of Joondalup – Meeting Room Upgrade

Redfish Technologies was requested to upgrade the meeting room to new HD video solutions. This incorporated four new screens and a projector / screen all controlled from an iPad controller. Two of the screes used drop down motorised panels form the ceiling

City of Canning – Phase Three Function Audio Vision Upgrade

Phase Three at the City of Canning was the upgrade of the function room. This incorporated upgrading the room with new HD vision systems, control systems and audio systems for the vents and meetings held within the room.

City of Canning – Phase Two Chamber Vision Upgrade

Redfish undertook the Phase Two upgrade within the council chamber, installing new screens, a drop down projector screen and upgraded HD projectors. Additional a new traffic light based timing systems was installed.

City of Bemont – Chamber AV Upgrade

Redfish Technologies was requested to update the ageing council chamber with a new audio discussion systems, HD video screens, digital recording systems and hearing assistance.. The city of Belmont because the first council environment within Australia to install the new wireless Bosch Dicenstis discussion system as part of the fit out.

City of Canning – Phase One Chamber Upgrade

Redfish undertook the Phase One upgrade of the audio systems within the council chamber using Bosch DCN NG and Plena Matrix Audio systems

City of Perth – Audio Dicussion System

Redfish were awarded the contract to supply the update to the City of Perth council chambers with Bosch DCN wireless discussion system with voting.

Shire of Laverton – Townsite CCTV Projects

Shire of Laverton engaged Redfish Technologies to provide CCTV solutions to 5 shire locations around the town site of Laverton. The solution uses the latest in 1080P cameras.

Fair Work Commission Australia – Digital Recording and Biamp Tesira Forte

Fair Work Commission in January went live with a innovative digital recording solution across 40 rooms, which provided by Redfish Technologies and Merrill Corporation. The solution based upon Biamp Tesira Forte Ai DSP mixers connected to Liberty Court Recording software, using IP cameras for remote monitoring is a real first in the country. Additionally a real time portal has been built to allow the commission to playback the recordings and...

Shire of Yilgarn – Bowling Club CCTV

Shire of Yilgarn engaged Redfish Technologies to provide a new 16 camera CCTV solution for the new bowling club in the town site of Southern Cross. The solution uses the latest in 1080P cameras.

City of Kwinana – Audio Discussion System

City of Kwinana engaged Redfish Technologies to provide a replacement wired Audio Discussion System for the council chamber and integrated with the current digital recording software.

City of Melville – Audio Discussion System

Awarded the contract to provide City of Melville an wireless Audio Discussion System that supported electronic voting and microphone management. The systems also had to incorporated a digital meeting recording with integrated MS Word management and linking.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – Main hearing rooms refit

Awarded the contract to refit the Royal Commission main Sydney rooms with new technologies such as Tesira, HD Cameras, Audio reinforcement, HD Webcasting, Video follow Audio and Crestron upgrades. Integrated and updated with the existing AV systems. Provided new Court Recording software and associated audio systems.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission – Level 18 Refit

The Department of the Registrar, Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission - Awarded the contract to undertake the AV design and fit out of the Commissions refit of level 18. The contract involved 4 new hearing room, 4 conference rooms and new AV technologies including AVB, Tesira and full conferencing integration.

City of Armadale – Council Chamber Display System

ngaged by City of Armadale to provide a visual display systems in the council chambers. The systems features a 2 zone output with three inputs being provided to all the screen and controlled via single keypad. One of the key features was the able for the systems be pulled apart quickly so the chamber could be changed around for AGM's and council voting nights.

Redfish Technologies Supplies Interview Recorders for the New Perth Police Centre

Awarded tender for the supply of 9 Interview Recorders and fit out of the interview rooms for the New Perth Police Centre. Supplied Indico Interview Recorder, along with vandal resistant microphones, automatic mixers and cameras for the recording.

PNG PAC Recording System

Provide a portable Recording System for the Papua New Guinea Public Accounts Committee via AusAid. The solution had to support audio and video recording and be in a configuration that it could be used in the main committee room or be portable for off site use.

Western Australia Child Assessment and Interview Team (CAIT) facility

Western Australia Child Assessment and Interview Team (CAIT) facility supply 5 interview recorders for the purpose produced interview suits. Using Indico Interviewer software, a purposed produced PACE compliant interview recorder.

City of Armadale – Audio Discussion System

Awarded the tender to provide a wireless audio discussion systems to the council. The systems supplied has integrated voting, microphone management and a new digital recording systems.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2011

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting requested Redfish Technologies to provide a recording solution for the main conference room so real time transcription could be undertaken to produce the written record.

St Andrews Hostel Inquiry – Audio Visual Support

St Andrews Hostel Inquiry, providing dedicated audio visual support to the inquiry hearings, including digital recording assistance for off site hearings. also provided media room audio feed and video conferencing assistance into the inquiry team.

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